14 Simple Vastu Tips for Buildings

1. More open space should be left in the NORTH than in the SOUTH. Similarly, more open space should be left in the EAST than in the WEST.

2. In a R.C.C framed structure, number of columns , beams etc. should be even not odd.

3. No Garbage should be dumped in the NORTH-EAST corner of the building and it should always be kept free and clean.

4. Doors and windows can be fixed on the NORTH-EAST corner of the building or room.

5. In the living room, furniture, sofa-sets etc. should be placed more towards the WEST and SOUTH side. The owners of the house should sit facing EAST OR NORTH and guest should occupy sofa in WEST OR SOUTH.

6. Cash boxes should be in the room towards NORTH. But if the box is very heavy, it should be kept in the SOUTH, WEST OR SOUTH-WEST corner , and while opening the locker one should face NORTH.

7. All heavy house-hold items should be placed in the WEST, SOUTH and SOUTH-WEST sides.

8. In the Dining room, while eating, one should sit facing EAST or WEST.

9. Shutter of any door should be single and not double. It should open to the left side and not to the right.

10. Bed or cot should be so placed that when one sleeps the head is directed towards SOUTH, EAST OR WEST but never towards NORTH.

11. Any corner, junction, poles or any kind of obstruction should be avoided just opposite the gate / main door of the house.

12. Water body should not be in front of the entrance door to the house. 

13. No entrance doors of two different houses should be exactly opposite to each other.

14. Prohibited motifs should not be used in decorating either doors, walls or ceilings.





Posted on: Jul 14 2020