Importance of Shravan month


Shravan month is considered very auspicious by Hindus and worshipping of Lord Shiva is done for peace, prosperity and wellbeing. Believers worship and keep fast on Monday's during this month, called Sawan Somwar Vrat, decorate Lord Shiva temples with flowers and offerings are done to the Lord. Many Hindu festivals like Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Nag Panchami fall in this month. 

Legend about Shravan Month

According to the legends, the Samundra Manthan took place in the month of Shravan and it is said that 14 elements appeared from the ocean. 13 of them were distributed by the asuras and devas, however, one was left. The remaining one was considered as the poison which could destroy the whole world and every living being. Lord Shiva drank the poison and stored it in his throat. Due to this, his throat went blue and hence he is called as Neelkantha. Such was the impact of the poison that Lord Shiva wore a crescent moon on his head and all the devtas started offering water from the holy river of the Ganges to reduce the effects of the poison and devotees today too offer water to the Shivlinga with the same belief.

It is also the month when devotees go for 'Kanwar' yatras. The destination for kanwar yatris are the Shiva temples and are ideally done on foot. Shiva devotees carry holy water from the river Ganga, which hangs on their shoulders with the help of wooden lathis called “kanwar”.


Posted on: Oct 16 2021