Numerology: Knowing how this year is for you

It is a very matter to calculate your individual year. What you have to do is to sum up the date, month to the current year. Example: Date of birth is 21/8/2000. In order to compute a particular year, we do not have to take into consideration, the birth year ie. 2000,  instead we have to take the current year.

This is shown as: 

Date of Birth : 21

Month : 8

Year : 2019

Adding all, we get 2048. Now reducing it to a single digit, comes to 5. Thus the year 2019 would be a 5 individual year cycle. 

Significance of Number 5 year: 

This year is a pleasant year, there will be travels either for business or pleasure. Throughout the year one will be busy with commercial undertakings. The period is favourable for lecturing, teaching, writing, dramatics and all communications. There will be a new agreement entered into with someone and this document is surely to have a far reaching influence over one's material affairs. Temperamently one will be more uneasy and uncertain. A worrying, nervous complex needs to be checked. One will be busy in intellectual pursuits in study, reading, music and theatrical acts. 


Posted on: Oct 16 2021