Significance of Birth Number in Numerology

Occult scientists and numerologists have given lot of significance to the birth number of a person primarily because it cannot be changed and also since it carries a most focussed, specific and sharp influence on the person.

Number 1:

A person born on the first date of any month, is likely to be steadfast and strong willed person. He possesses leadership qualities and is exuberant and full of energy. He likes to keep others under his control and often attempts to force his ideas on others. 

Good days: Sunday and Monday are the most fortunate days of the week for number 1 people, especially when born on these days.

Good dates: Dates that vibrates to your numbers are the 1st, 19th and 28th of any month. The other series of numbers that are favorable to you is the 2, 4, 7 series.

Favourble colors: Orange, Yellow, Copper and Golden.

Health: You have problems with the circulatory system and should do exercies which help improve circulation. Your temperament is bile dominated, and should avoid meat and fish and also eat early in the evening. 

Posted on: Jul 14 2020