Strengthening Houses / Bhavas (Astrology)

Strengthening bhava Lords can strengthen bhavas.

1. For mental peace and happiness, mother should be respected, and mind should be kept free of delusions. All this being significations of the fourth house.

2. The fifth house is for education, intelligence, children. By developing a tasteful personality, having good friends and by having constructive thinking one can have the good fortune of having loving children and high income both.

3. The seventh house is tenth from the tenth. The seventh house is fourth from the fourth. Hence these measures are also helpful in bringing peace and happiness in natives life. 

4. The ninth house is for dharma and bhagya. Since it is fifth from the fifth it is for children also. This house also represents brothers/sisters in love, hence for good fortune it is necessary to earn their goodwill.

5. The tenth house is for father, career, and wife's mother too. It shows that sucess in career depends on father's support, and giving due respect to him and mother-in-law.

6. The eleventh house is not just for income and gains but it also represents one's elder brothers and sisters and intimate friends. Hence respecting elder brothers and sisters and having good friends strengthens the eleventh bhavas and bring gains. 


Likewise, one can employ the principle in regard to other bhavas also to bring not only gains in one's life, but also to live in harmony.



Posted on: Oct 16 2021