Vastu Dosh Shanti

Vastu is a scientific Vedic system of architecture developed by the ancient sages to ensure good fortune, peace, prosperity, health, happiness and harmony for the inhabitants. While buying a new house / commercial place, a special puja is known as "Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Puja" has to be done. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one get the benefits offered by the five elements of the universe. These five elements are Akash (sky), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth), Vayu (wind) and Agni (fire). Sometimes there are faults of construction or with the energy of the environment. It removes all evil and negativity of the home. Vastu Dosh Nivaran puja brings peace & happiness in the house as well as in the life by promoting wealth & prosperity. 

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