About Guru Puja

Gurupujaonline.com is all about bringing faith closer to technology. Its sole aim is to provide services like Online poojas, Astrology, Vastu shastra, Numerology, Palmistry, Horoscope consultations provided to people from all corners of the world. What is the USP of our project is that we have some specialized pooja services mentioned on our site, for which video and offerings would be couriered to the devotee who gets it booked, rest assured it would be conducted with full devotion. Other poojas would also be added in due course of time.

Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Horoscope, Palmistry consultations are done by professionals with proven experience in their field. 

We aim to provide our customers a convenient method to fulfil their religious aspirations and find peace and solace.

GuruPujaOnline is a trusted name having a group of pandits who will perform online Pooja's for you. We aim to bring the Hindu devotees across India as well as abroad to get connected to their spiritual roots and be closer to God by performing rituals on behalf of them.


This website is an effort to be your partner in your spiritual journey. We also need feedback and inputs on this effort which can go a long way in expanding the services offered to you in the spiritual journey.


Since our culture is deep rooted in values and traditions, we aim to bring closer faith using technology.


The venture gurupujaonline.com is all about Online Poojas, Astrology, Numerology, VastuShastra, Palmistry services being provided to people across beliefs and faiths.

We at gurupujaonline.com are a group of professionals having varied interests and proven experience in the field of Astrology, Palmistry,

VastuShastra, Poojas and intend to bring technology closer to society by providing the services mentioned.

It is an endeavour to give our customers globally, a secure, easy way of fulfillingtheir religious aspirations, on their fingertips, assuring them to be conducted with fulldevotion, which can be viewed as live or recordings can be sent along withofferings at your place.

Preeta Rajiv Sivaraman
B.Sc, MCA, M.Tech
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Jovve Benchaa India Private Limited