What is Palmistry?

Palmistry can be described as the art and science of foretelling the future and discovering oneself through a thorough examination of the palm. A palm reading usually involves analyzing the shape and texture of hands, the formation of fingers, lines and markings on the palm and certain mounts on the palm.

According to historians the science of palmistry originated in India. The ancient scripts in the Puranas state that the sage Narada was one of the first practitioners of this interesting art. The practice of palmistry was propagated by Hindu sages like Gautama, Agastya, Kashyapa and Atri.

By studying the lines and markings on your palm, an established palmist will be able to make out an obvious link between your present personality and your past experiences, behavioural patterns and notable incidents. With such an understanding of your character, the palmist will be able to guide you towards making positive decisions regarding your career, relationships, finance and your future in general.

A close study of the markings and lines on your palms directly point towards the behavioural patterns that you may have acquired in response to your past experiences. With a clear understanding of these patterns and how that affects your life, you can definitely eliminate any negative patterns and enjoy an improved quality of life.

The most important aspect in palmistry is identifying your dominant and non-dominant hand. The dominant hand is believed to be a reflection of your present - your aspirations, expectations and achievements. The non-dominant hand is an indicator of your past - habits and incidents from your past and your hidden talents. The formation of mounts and shape of fingers also speak volumes about your inherent qualities. Palmistry also involves deciphering certain symbols like a star or cross that may be present in your palm.

A palmist will also be able to transform your life by guiding you towards a better understanding of yourself.

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