5 Delusions in Astrology

Desire is delusion. There are 5 delusions, diseases of the mind, from which everyone suffers.

These are:

1. Attachment or infatuation(moha): Infatuation or moha is the root cause of all ailments and bad karmas. 

2. Lust(kama): Another name for cravings  / raga, is counterpart of wind or vaat.

3. Anger(krodha): Anger or krodha is another name for aversion / hatred / dwesh, represents bile or pitta.

4. Greed(lobha): Greed or lobha results in abundance of phlegm or kapha.

One may even be able to overcome kama and krodha, but lobha comes in many different forms. One may be able to overcome lobha also, but even great saints are unable to overcome ahankaar or ego.

5. Ego(ahankaar): Ahankaar is the feeling of 'me' and 'mine' or 'you' and 'yours'. The resulting envy and the grudging contemplation of others happiness may result in tuberculosis.

Wickedness and perversity may cause leprosy. 

Egotism in general is the counterpart of most painful gout. While hyprocrisy, deceit, arrogance and pride correspond to diseases caused by parasites.  One may just die of one disease while innumerable incurable ones are there to constantly torment the soul.


Posted on: Jul 14 2020