Believe It or Not

Equally  important is our belief system. If you believe that you can tap into a source unseen, or even that there is one, you will not have access to its possibilities. If you do feel a doubt, consider the air you are breathing this very minute. Try to touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it and you will be unable to do so. None of your senses are able to prove that air exists , yet without it, you will die. 

Similarly, when the Sun disappears behind a moody sky or the Moon disappears from a clear one, we will swear on all we hold---even though we can see neither. 

That is the essence of FAITH ---conviction on a deep gut level that something exists that we cannot see nor confirm with our human senses. The Universe gives us what we need, some times knowingly or unknowingly. We just have to know in our hearts that we are connected and that we are protected. And that belief in the world of energy and a Higher source is its own reward.

This is applicable to the acutality of reading the energies in one's NAME and DATE OF BIRTH as well. If we truly absorb and believe what we are reading and hear what it is saying to you, then it will do exactly nothing for us. 

Believe what is being said to us, through our NUMBERS we have in our lives.

Posted on: Jul 14 2020